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Are you looking for somewhere to go for a trip? 

The Krkonoše Mountains offer many attractive locations. Here are some examples. They include lookout towers, museums and galleries, natural attractions, technical and historical monuments, and also some attractions on the Polish side of the Krkonoše Mountains. Choose a place in the Krkonoše National Park where you can spend moments you will never forget.


  • Žalý Lookout Tower (3 km)

  • Hutsul Pony Biofarm , with the possibility of rides on Hutsul Ponies (Janova Hora Mountain) (6 km on foot, 15 km by car)

  • Horní Mísečky Sports Centre (10 km on foot, 20 km by car)

  • Labská Reservoir, Špindlerův Mlýn (7 or 10 km on foot, 17 or 20 km by car)

  • Bubákov – Herlíkovice Ski Resort (4 km on foot, 10 km by car)

  • Aldrov/Vítkovice Ski Resort (6 km on foot, 10 km by car)


Vrchlabí Chateau

The Vrchlabí chateau, with a large park and a pond in which the romantic chateau is beautifully reflected, is undoubtedly one of the town’s principal dominant features.

Krkonoše Museum – Augustinian Monastery


The Krkonoše Museum in the former Augustinian Monastery in Vrchlabí was founded in 1883 as the Riesengebirgsmuseum by the Austrian Krkonoše Association to explore the nature, history and people of the Krkonoše Mountains and to build various collections documenting these. It has been run by the Krkonoše National Park Administration since 1966.


Krkonoše Museum – four historical houses


This set of four gabled houses is one of the oldest examples of folk architecture in the Krkonoše Mountains, and a rare remnant of the town’s original development. Originally, there were five wooden houses with arcades. During the renovation of building No. 222, a pine wood panel was discovered, quoting the year 1623. Three of the buildings were renovated in 1976-1980 by the Krkonoše National Park Administration. 


Žalý Lookout Tower


The summit of Přední Žalý (1019 m above sea level) between Benecko and Vrchlabí has been a popular destination for hikers since the early years of the 19th century, offering breathtaking views of the Krkonoše Mountains. 


Source of the River Labe

Špindlerův Mlýn 

On what is called the Labe Meadow, situated on one of the ridges of the Krkonoše Mountains, there is a symbolic source of the River Labe, sometimes also referred to as the Labe well.



Pec pod Sněžkou 

Sněžka is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic at 1602 metres above sea level. 



Bozkov Dolomite Caves.


The Bozkov Dolomite Caves are situated near the small town of Bozkov, close to Semily. These are unique caves formed in calcareous and siliceous dolomites. The labyrinth of corridors with domes has uniquely formed walls and ceilings, with ribbed and mesh structures. Visitors to these caves will appreciate the beautiful and attractively coloured stalactite decoration with its incredible shapes. 


Lake Bukówka 


It was built on the River Bóbr as protection against the flooding of the towns of Lubawka and Kamienna Góra. The lake also serves as a reservoir of high-quality drinking water. Lake Bukówka is almost two hundred hectares in area. As it is located at an altitude of more than 500 metres, the climate is colder and the ice and snow sometimes last for up to a hundred and ten days a year. Thanks to this, the surroundings of Lake Bukówka are a popular winter sports centre.



The Rýchory ridge is located in the Krkonoše National Park, above the town of Žacléř. There is an educational trail with ten stops with panels informing visitors about the most interesting aspects of the area. The trail is six kilometres long and it is open from May to October. It is closed in winter for safety reasons. Rýchory is typified above all by beech forests and many species of protected plants that grow solely in these areas. The summits of Mravenečník, Dvorský vrch and Červený vrch offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.


Where are we? 

  • Prague – 120 km

  • Brno – 250 km

  • Hradec Králové – 80 km

  • Liberec – 75 km

  • Špindlerův Mlýn – 20 km

  • Harrachov – 35 km

  • Vrchlabí – 10 km

  • Jilemnice – 10 km